Navascape AquaPave Permeable Paving
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The AquaPave Permeable On-Site Stormwater Source Control System
There are three individual elements which, combined, make up the AquaPave system: a permeable paver surface, a unique sub-base that reduces pollution and base stabilization for heavy duty applications.
The AquaPave Paver
AquaPave Paver AquaPave interlocking concrete pavers are a durable and attractive paving option for all types of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. With small joints and no loose aggregates on the surface, AquaPave pavers provide a safe, comfortable surface for the elderly or disabled and those using wheelchairs, pushing baby carriages and shopping carts or wearing high heels. AquaPave pavers are compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) design standards.

The unique design of AquaPave pavers incorporates slight chamfers with gaps less than 13 mm (1/2 in) to direct water through six vertical channels, allowing water to pass through the pavement surface at a rate of approximately 9000 mm/hr (354 in/hr) [regulated to 4500mm/hr (177 in/hr) by the Inbitex geotextile].

AquaPave pavers are available in a range of colors and integrate seamlessly with other non-permeable pavers available from Navascape.
Pollution Control
AquaPave Inbitex Geotextile Water trickles through the granular material and the Inbitex geotextile in the sub-base, which holds organic matter, silts and other pollutants within the laying course. Heavy metals adhere to these particulates and are also retained within the sub-base. Naturally occurring microbes digest hydrocarbons, removing them from the environment and preventing build up. Water is then stored in the sub-base and discharged in a controlled manner. The result is higher quality groundwater without the need for a separate oil and silt interceptor.

Inbitex® is a thermally bonded, nonwoven geotextile that has been specifically developed to optimize the cleansing of water entering the AquaPave system. Various characteristics have been combined to create a unique geotextile that aids the development of naturally occurring microbes and offers them refuge during periods of drought.
AquaPave Pollution Control Charts
Base Stabilization
Base StabalizationAquaPave’s unique open graded sub-base reduces construction depth and improves base stabilization with the use of SC Intergrid, a flexurally stiff and rigid geogrid designed to resist horizontal shear by providing mechanical interlock and confinement of granular particles. The level of base stabilization by geogrid reinforcement is increased through dispersion of force with the use of the SC Intergrid, making it suitable for heavy duty use.