Navascape AquaPave Permeable Paving
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AquaPave® Engineered Joint Stabilizer
22.7 kg
50 lbs
Units/Pallet: 50
Wt/Unit (kg): 22.7 Wt/Unit (lbs): 50
Wt/Cube (kg): 115 Wt/Cube (lbs): 2535

Features and Benefits
  • The perfect gradation, texture and durability for our AquaPave permeable pavement system.
  • Helps ensure interlock of the AquaPave pavers to create a stable, secure surface free of loose aggregates.

Inbitex® Geotextile
4.5 x 100 m
14.8 x 328 ft
Features and Benefits
  • A thermally bonded non-woven geotextile that removes pollutants from rainwater and provides separation between the bedding course and sub-base.
  • Aids in the development of naturally occurring microbes that biodegrade captured pollutants.
  • A critical component of the AquaPave permeable pavement system.

AP SC1000 Geotextile
4.6 x 91.4 m
15 x 300 ft
Features and Benefits
  • Prevents native subgrade material from migrating into the sub-base of the AquaPave permeable pavement system.